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Meiji Tokyo Renka is a visual novel game originally released in 2011 developed by Broccoli and published by Dwango.

Original scenario written was written by Yukiko Uozumi, and original character design and artwork by Karu.

The mobile game has over 300,000 downloads worldwide with multiple anime, film, and musical adaptations.


On a full, crimson moon, Mei Ayazuki , a regular high school girl from Tokyo, comes across a mysterious magic show by the park and becomes the lovely assistant in the magician's next trick. Mei's life is immediately turned upside down as the simple magic trick has sent her back in time into the Meiji era of Tokyo.

In this era, she meets several prominent historical figures who seem to take an interest in her. As she spends time with them, she develops a blossoming romance in the romanesque era of Meiji. Will she find the will to return back to her time, or stay in Meiji-era Tokyo altogether?


Upon starting the game, the game prompts the player to enter their full name. If the player chooses to leave this space blank, the player's name will default to "Mei Ayazuki".

The player is able to go through the game and end with the normal ending, in which Mei decides to go back in her own time, leaving her love interest behind. If the player wishes to unlock the two other endings available (Meiji End and Present End), they are able to purchase extra drama tracks that will unlock more choices for the player, allowing them end with a different ending.

Drama tracks are usually scenarios that depict a crucial part in each route, often playing after a critical choice. The tracks use the dummy mic mechanic and the game encourages the use of headphones while playing.

The first two drama tracks per route are unlocked by default. Each route is four chapters long.


The opening theme is Kurenai no Yoru no Uta (紅ノ夜ノ唄) performed by KENN and written by MIKOTO.

The ending theme is Hoshi Furu Yoru, Boku no Waltz (星降ル夜、僕ノワルツ) by KENN and written by MIKOTO.



Meiji Tokyo Renka Opening (2011 - 2013)

Ports and Remakes[]

Meiji Tokyo Renka received a PlayStation Portable port in 2013 due to its success and popularity. It is developed and published by Broccoli.

Following the PlayStation Portable port, a remake was made for the PlayStation Vita in 2016 with improved graphics and a new character.